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In response to the large consumer demand for premium beef, KALDERA developed the ALICE SPRING brand which produces natural beef sourced from Australian breed cattle in Indonesia. With Grain-Fed specification between 90 and 120 days, ALICE SPRING has implemented important factors in the production process namely food safety, meat quality, animal welfare, and the environment.

Animal Welfare & Sustaining the Environment

The cattle produced are mostly imported from Australia, known as BX and are graded Prime Steer, with a production process that has been certified by Veterinary Public Health (VPH) and refers to the Handbook of Australian Meat.

Strict Control

The products are packaged in vacuum packages after going through strict supervision in the packaging process in accordance with food safety measures, thereafter be marketed as fresh beef products that can last up to fourteen days.

Halal Certified

We guarantee that the features and quality of our products as well as services meet the requirements established by the Islamic Council.

Trusted Quality

The prime cuts of meat such as striploin (meat wrapped in tenderloin), tenderloin, and ribeye have been used by many five-star hotels and the upper-class restaurants in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, and Lombok.

Brahman Cross are cattle produced from domestication of Brahman cows (from India), from the Zebu cattle (Bos Indicus), developed in America and Australia and crossed with types of cattle from mainland America, such as Shorthorn, Santa Gertrudis, Droughmaster, Hereford. Brahman Cross cows have a bone structure classified as small bones, thus producing a greater amount of meat.

The distinguishing feature of the Brahman Cross cow from other nations is the large body size, medium body depth, light gray color, but some are red or black. The color in males is darker than in females. The head is long, the ears are hanging, the size of the horn is medium, wide and large.

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