Since 1995

Finding opportunities behind the growing demand of Indonesian people for quality beef that is not accompanied by an increase in local meat supply, CV Kaldera Panen Pertiwi was founded in 1995 in Jakarta.

Kaldera is a company, which has been recognized as one of the suppliers of beef in Indonesia. Since 1995, Kaldera has been meeting the needs of customers ranging from individuals, hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering hospitals, catering to large factories, catering to offshore, catering airlines, and supermarkets.

Our great passion in distributing meat supply to big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Bali received a positive response, so that in the year of 2000 we were able to add new products in the form of lamb meat and french fries which were the result of cooperation with Australian suppliers, as well as chicken and fish in collaboration with local suppliers. We also carry out local fresh beef cutting under the brand ALICE SPRING that has developed over the past few years.

During his 25-year career, Kaldera reaped a lot of success, because Kaldera is able to provide the best service for its customers. Kaldera has the motto “We grow to serve you better”, which is to provide the best service, Kaldera strives to meet customer needs as best as possible, in order to maintain a close relationship with customers that are long-term.

In order to develop products and services, Kaldera has carried out certifications that have been recognized by the Indonesian government to the international level, starting with Halal certificates from every country, health certificates, Kesmavet from the Ministry of Agriculture, and even Kaldera has a partnership with Brachman Cross cattle breeding and has chosen Prime Steer grades for several beef products. In addition, Kaldera has cooperation with Slaughterhouses with International slaughtering standards and has a Halal stamp, so that through this process, Kaldera is the choice and can be trusted as a bona fide company to provide the highest quality products. The quality of meat products provided by the kaldera are Natural and Fresh (without Hormone injections). And our commitment to high regard for all consumers is From Nature to Your Plate.

After going through experience as a Wholesaler, our next step is to approach our Customers up to Doorstep. So that the Kaldera product can be enjoyed by the whole community. We follow the development of E – Commerce which has been completely clicked and entered into the world of Social Media and Marketplace.

We grow to serve you better

KALDERA PANGAN SEJAHTERA is a leading importer and supplier of fresh and frozen beef and lamb, poultry (chicken and duck), seafood, vegetables, french fries, and processed meat from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


KALDERA is committed to food safety and our operations fully comply with certification standards.

Halal Certified

We guarantee that the features and quality of our products as well as services meet the requirements established by the Islamic Council.

Laboratory Test Result

We conduct laboratory tests every three months to ensure that our products and services are safe for consumption.